International Mobility

EBABX encourages its students to go abroad during their curriculum, either during the school year in the context of international exchange with partner schools, or for a professional internship.

The school is interested in the development of shared experiences with partner schools. Educational projects dealing with problems in common, in particular involving the practices of exhibition, publishing, diffusion, public action and the professionalization of students, provide opportunities for the mutual creation of contexts for exchange and mobility.

The school is part of the EU program, Erasmus + and the Conference of the Rectors of the Universities of Quebec (CREPUQ), as well as the Aquimob system of the New Aquitaine Region.


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Mobilité internationale
International Mobility
Rachel Helvadjian

Responsable Mobilité internationale
et gestion de projets 
International exchange

Stages à l'étranger
Study periods
Ann-Gaëlle Coomber

Responsable pédagogique
pour les stages à l'étranger 
Studies coordinator

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