Introduction to research

The master's thesis

The thesis provides an interpretation of the student’s pertinent research territory using a large spectrum of writing forms, adapted as much as possible to the specific content.

The seminars

In the Master program, the seminars on Art and on Design are defined according to subjects of reflection taken from cutting-edge contemporary theory: 
• The relationship artists have to texts and publishing for Book Society,
• The theory of artistic moods and their critical effects for Comment ne pas être sérieux,
• In the context of a critical design, the questioning of the notion of “inhabiting” for Contre-Habiter.
The seminars bring students into contact with producers of critique and university researchers in the context of study days or colloquia.

Research projects

Four research projects have been put in place for the years 2014-2017:
Three in Art: Au milieu des choses, Voir un peu plus à travers les fissures des murailles, and Modern Lovers;
And one in Design: Stop City.

To the notion of what is public, historically important to research and creation at EBABX, the four projects that make up the research unit will implement and further develop lines of research in direct contact with the most contemporary theoretical and practical innovations. The situations studied are:
The migrations of artistic forms back and forth between traditional mediums and analog and digital media as well as the recompositions that they induce in forms of visibility and public address. Au Milieu des Choses
The cooling of affects and tales of self. Modern Lovers
The reification of relationships in light of the latest developments in Marxist thought and of the possibility of critical thinking. Voir un peu plus à travers les fissures des murailles
Urban mutations: between utopian manifests and global realities. Stop City
Backing for research is initiated in different contexts: universities, art schools involved in research in France and abroad, or research programs that are part of independent structures.

This year the project Au Milieu des choses initiates a collaboration with the new department of the Piet Zwart Institute (Netherlands) dedicated to the media, and more precisely with the Experimental Publishing Master program.
Fostering cross-border ties with Spain, the project Voir un peu plus à travers les fissures des murailles is committed to partnerships closely linking a local dimension to an international dimension with the project, “La Mallette de l’exil” (a project on W. Benjamin) which associates the art schools Llotja in Barcelone and Weissensee in Berlin.

The Modern Lovers project explores the landscape of research in Athens in conjunction with the next Documenta, which deals precisely with top-notch research subjects for the program “South as a sentiment,” “The great political depression” with the regular local collaboration of the research seminar “Hospitalités” at Bordeaux Montaigne and in partnership with the Athens Fine Art School (ASFA).

In the context of the Stop City project and partnerships developed during international master classes with the ensapBx, and the Politecnico of Milan, ties have been established with the researchers of the UMR Passages, “Espace, territoire et société.” A publication featuring the scientific contributions is scheduled to come out.


Inscriptions 2019-2020

  • Pour entrer en 1ère année :
    8 janvier - 21 février
  • Pour entrer en cours de cursus :
    8 janvier - 8 février 
  • JPO : mercredi 13 février 2019

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