The resarch unit Public/Action

The research unit Public/Action organizes research in the Master program. It involves all of the students whether they be in Art or Design. Within this framework, the students choose one of the research programs, follow seminars and study days, and participate in research actions. The objective is to make all of the Master students aware of the issues and methods involved in research today, and to familiarize them with the important actors in research on a global scale.

This unit also prepares students who wish to pursue research after passing their DNSEP-Master in a 3rd cycle.

Research starts in the 4th year with the Master’s thesis, which is structured around documentary, theoretical and historical research as well as critical analysis and visual research. The objective of the thesis is to demonstrate acquisition of knowledge and to define a territory of research in the fields of Design or Art.

Inscriptions 2019-2020

  • Pour entrer en 1ère année :
    8 janvier - 21 février
  • Pour entrer en cours de cursus :
    8 janvier - 8 février 
  • JPO : mercredi 13 février 2019

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