Two options: Art & Design, two paths

Two options, two paths

EBABX proposes two curriculum options.

At the beginning of the 2nd year, students are admitted into either the Art option or the Design option. Although these two orientations, from amongst which students make their choice, are based on specific foundations, the curriculum has been created and organized in order to foster a multiplicity of possibilities and trajectories which correspond, as closely as possible, to individual processes and concerns. The principle of choosing a la carte from within these two fields enables students to build individual pathways by deciding, themselves, which nuance to give their curriculum. Thus, whether it comes to practices, mediums or fields of research with regard to art or design, a kind of fluid circulation is actively encouraged. The pedagogical offer intentionally establishes a way of thinking in which art and design constantly renew the strength and pertinence of their respective productions, practices and critical reflection.

Art and Design teaching at EBABX is done by contemporary art and design professionals, who enable students to acquire autonomy of reflection in their research, creation, experimentation and production of individual or group projects.


In the 1st cycle, EBABX’s unique course structure gives ARCs (Ateliers for research and creation) and artistic practice a specific and central place, with strong orientations applied to their cross-pollination with theoretical classes and practical studios. This approach covers the widest possible diversity of artistic practices in order to favor atypical and hybrid combinations and circulations and to give the school’s art education a very strong interdisciplinarity between practices such as: digital media, video, performance, installation and others, such as the photographic image, publications, painted images and volume.

The Master in Art program prepares students to become artists or professionals in the world of art (from production to diffusion) or researchers.
The desire to imagine this Master as an ecosystem within which truly strong and original artistic positions may see the day, reflects the realities of today’s art world. Contemporary practices no longer correspond to categorization by artistic medium or “language” (e.g. painting, sculpture, photography, video, installation, etc.). Nor can we even speak of them in terms of interdisciplinarity. There are new forms of action that invent and combine different types of activity.

This new paradigm of artistic practice and work has been placed at the heart of the general Master in Art program at EBABX; it determines its positioning and defines its teaching methods.


The objective of the 1st cycle course of study is to prepare future designers to respond to very different and multidisciplinary subjects in a creative way and to formulate their own set of problems to solve. The skills and fields approached include: graphic arts, graphic design, visual communication, the presentation and mediatisation of a design project, publication design, digital design, object or product design, introduction to space design, and stylism. 

The development of a method for acquiring skills in the 1st cycle that spans the different fields of design through objects, uses, signs, and meanings favors a progressive mastery of design practices in preparation for entry into the 2nd cycle design program. This cycle’s scientific approach fosters a mixity of design disciplines, and its prospective axes are at the intersections between the concerns of urban space design, objects, and graphic and visual publication, as it replaces and situates these fields within a more complex dimension involving public, urban, political, societal and international space. Thanks to a global vision achieved through an approach based on “the project” and by associating or linking skills belonging to different fields of design, the school prepares its students for the versatility of profiles and collaborative working methods which constitute two of today’s professional realities.

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