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At EBABX’s initiative, in co-construction with the Fabrique Pola and Zébra3, a system of support for recent graduates proposes a supplementary year for professionalization subsequent to obtaining a DNSEP Master diploma.

Its main objective is to accompany emerging artists and designers by structuring the activity of recent graduates from EBABX (and more generally the art schools of the New Aquitaine region), taking into consideration the contemporary realities, aspirations and needs of these young professionals.

What is involved is giving support to these graduates through accompaniment during the transition between acquisition of a diploma and the start of professional activity; more specifically, through the setting-up of an activity of creation within his/her economic reality. The format proposed by The Great Escape enables them to practice in a concrete way with the backing of a network of cultural players.

This system is the result of the evolution of the missions of art schools which, since the reform of higher education in the arts, have invested in and structured new activities for graduates and their professional integration. It positions itself at the interface between known professionals in the field of contemporary art, help for emerging artists (Zébra 3), professional training for artistic creators and cultural operators (Fabrique Pola) and schools of higher education in the arts on a regional scale.


. A grant of 2000 €;
. A personalized accompaniment by EBABX: appointment of an artist/teacher coordinator, who acts as the link with Fabrique Pola and follows-up on the graduate’s projects, a professional technical and logistical accompaniment by the personnel of EBABX;
. Personal accompaniment by Zébra3: The allocation of a work space on its premises, with access to production sites, enabling them to make their pieces (with a production grant of approximately 1000€), connection with a network of professionals that fosters the emergence of a cartography for their project and the identification of resources to be mobilized;
. A supplementary program of à la carte training according to the profile of their project and individual requirements. Accompaniment by the Fabrique Pola in the framework of “Open Ressources”;
. A grant for mobility of approximately 1000€, putting them in contact with a wide professional network (national and international);
. The concretization of an exhibition or publication project at the end of the year of accompaniment, backed by EBABX, which is committed to maximizing visibility and enhancement of the artistic work.

The Great Escape 2016-2017

In Art: Hugo Durante and Guillaume Segond, Kévin Huber and Cyrielle Mestrallet.
In Design: Maddy Moret.

Monitoring commitee

. Sonia Criton, Director of EBABX and the direction team
. Nicolas Milhé, Artist/teacher and coordinator for The Great Escape at EBABX
. Franck Houndégla, Designer/teacher at EBABX
. Blaise Mercier, Director of the Fabrique Pola
. Candice Petrillo, Artistic director of Zébra 3
. Denis Driffort, Director of the Pollen artists’ residency in Montflanquin
. Claire Jacquet, Director of the Frac Aquitaine
. Alice Motard, Chief curator of the Capc contemporary art museum in Bordeaux
. Constance Rubini, Director of the musem of decorative arts and design

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