Technical Workshops

The school proposes a panoply of production tools and specialized workshops that propose video, photography, sound, multimedia, internet, animation and 3D, printing line and publication, metal and woodworking, ceramics and plastic materials, model-making, prototyping, and computer-aided manufacturing.

To facilitate the production of certain projects, the school draws on a network of companies or industrial workshops in the Aquitaine region such as those equipped for water jet or laser cutting, ironworks, prototyping and technical materials, from which it rents manufacturing days.

Manufacturing, production and technical implementation sites at EBABX are divided into 3 technical workshops:

Image and Publication
(digital printer, offset printer, plotter, silkscreen, engraving, photo studio)

Video and multimedia
(video room, sound studio, multimedia room, photo studio, computer room)

Volume and materials
(woodworking, modelling, cutting and assembly, soldering, sewing, model-making, electronics, laser cutting)

Each technical workshop is a production center as well as a classroom where students are introduced to and learn techniques.
Each workshop has its own specificities, tools and unique objectives, and functions according to those specificities.
The workshops each employ a combination of personnel and instructors of all kinds: professors, assistants, technicians, monitors, and guards who accompany and supervise the students in his/her production, while managing the tools and technical means necessary for the realization of their projects. A few students in the 4th year are hired to be monitors in certain workshops and their presence gives wider access to technical spaces.
The technical workshops were created in a multidisciplinary and transversal fashion with regard to fields and curriculum choices and this is in direct connection with the teaching methods developed in the establishment in general. 
Technical workshops are accessible during school hours according to the schedules and availability of qualified personnel.

Pôle volume et matériaux

> Ateliers Techniques matériaux
- Menuiserie
- Modelage et céramique
- Forge et soudure
- Couture
- Maquette et prototypages
- Electronique

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